Yoga and Pilates

Why practice Yoga or Pilates alone? Why not strengthen your practice in each by doing both?

The combination of practicing both Yoga and Pilates can help to achieve greater strength, flexibility and improve overall wellness. Both Pilates and Yoga incorporate breath with movement assisting with reducing stress, improving organ health and enhancing mindfulness. Yoga incorporates exercise, breathing and meditation improving the union between mind and body. Pilates focuses on exercise, breathing, centering, precision and control. Having greater core strength and awareness of muscle slings through Pilates exercise can assist in deepening your poses and achieving greater flexibility during your Yoga practice. Having greater flexibility and better mind-body awareness through Yoga can assist with achieving greater movement and progressing the intensity of your Pilates workout.  Both Yoga and Pilates assist in improving the safety of your practice and reducing injury through the awareness of body alignment and joint position in combination with increased flexibility and core strength.



Today Pilates is still based on founder Joseph Pilates’ principles however with modern exercise advancements. Pilates is designed to enable efficient dynamic movement and lengthening of the body through the development of core strength and joint stabilisation. This is achieved through the recruitment of deep stabilising muscles and the coordination of muscle slings during specific exercises. Movement and exercises are coordinated with breathing to ensure the entire body and its systems are working safely and efficiently. Pilates is well known for its success in improving alignment, increasing core strength and reducing spinal pain. It can be of benefit to everyone and caters to all levels, beginner through to advanced.