With the ocean being our biggest playground in Raglan, surfing is a major part of the local culture. No wonder yoga is also such a big part of Raglan. Yoga and pilates are the BEST thing you can do on land to improve your surfing. Many postures improve balance, focus and patience. The core strengthens. Sore and tired muscles are stretched properly. Mindful breathing helps in so many ways - relaxation, body and mind awareness, and increased lung capacity for those long hold-downs. Both surfing and yoga are great ways to get the body moving and feeling good.

If you're already a yogi, why not give surfing a shot? Bexie, one of the teachers at The Space, said she was surprised to find how much her yoga practice translated to the waves.  "Balance, focus, breath and an ability to go with the flow really helped me when I started surfing. I feel like it's a natural progression of my yoga practice and also a way for me to connect with Raglan's special mountain to sea environment. And now I love shoulder openers!"

Feeling fatigued and stiff after a few days of surfing? Check out our range of classes and timetable to find a class that suits you.

And for all the yogis who haven’t tried surfing yet or want to brush up their skills, get in touch with the friendly crew from Green Wave Raglan.

Happy surfing :)