Patti Mitchley

Patti's background in contemporary dance comes through in her graceful, flowing, feel-good classes and epic playlists. Connect to your body with mindful transitions and exploration within the postures, a dancing, moving meditation. Patti always makes you smile.

Patti has been teaching community dance and movement practice in Raglan since 2003, and she makes a mean bliss ball. 

Vikasa Yoga (RYS 200) Thailand 2013

Rainbow Kids & Family Yoga 2014

Thai Dynamic Massage 2015

Sajeeva Yoga Hatha/Vinyasa  (RYS 200) 2017



Bexie Towle

Bexie's experience covers teaching all types of yogis. You're bound to learn something new in every class, as she'll help you find alignment and fine tune your experience in postures. She is super skilled at meeting you where you're at in your practice. She loves to play and brings yoga to our local kindys. Off the mat, Bexie is a community-spirited greenie, working for the Karioi Project. She also enjoys cooking for friends and catching longboard waves.

Ashram Yoga (RYT 200) February 2011

Shades of Yoga (RYT 500) Bali 2015

PLAY Kids Yoga 2015

Bliss Baby Prenatal Yoga Certified Teacher 2016


Bethany Lyons

Bethany's classes always present a challenge, a well-rounded practice and a delicious playlist. Her classes invite you to have a play with something new and wake up some energy in your body. Bethany’s classes are perfect to bring balance to someone with an active lifestyle.

Bethany loves to get out for a run, spend time with her friends, and to try new things! She laughs a lot!


Radiant Life Yoga School (RYT 200) Nicaragua 2015

Anatomy Trains with Tom Myers 2017


Tessa von Huben

Tessa’s background as a physiotherapist has made her passionate about injury prevention and whole body movement.  Her Pilates classes incorporate lengthening and movement of the entire body with a focus on core strength and joint stabilisation carried out to some funky tunes. Tessa encourages you to challenge yourself safely with exercise progressions.

Away from the Space, Tessa works as a physiotherapist here in Raglan. Outside of the clinic you might spot her running around the town with her large and very furry Alsatian.

Polestar Mat-based Pilates 2013
Bachelor degree in Health Science Physiotherapy 2010 (AUT)
Masters degree in Health Practice Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy 2016 (AUT)
Postgraduate certificate in Acupuncture 2013 (AUT)





Amy Lewis

Amy loves the quietness, the individual inner-knowing that can be found through the practice of yoga. For her, whether the movements are free and fast-flowing, or slow and very subtle, yoga brings a sense of grace, clarity and a deep connection to the Self. She considers herself first and foremost a student, and is always seeking to deepen her knowledge. 

Beyond yoga, she looks for the poetry in everything, but particularly enjoys books, the sea and planting plants. 

Power Living New Zealand (RYT 200) 2015

Majesty of Being Immersion with Meghan Currie 2018