Sajeeva Yoga Hatha/Vinyasa  (RYS 200) 2017


Patti Mitchley

Patti's background in contemporary dance comes through in her graceful, flowing, feel-good classes and epic playlists. Connect to your body with mindful transitions and exploration within the postures, a dancing, moving meditation. Patti always makes you smile.

Patti has been teaching community dance and movement practice in Raglan since 2003, and she makes a mean bliss ball. 

Vikasa Yoga (RYS 200) Thailand 2013

Rainbow Kids & Family Yoga 2014

Thai Dynamic Massage 2015

Sajeeva Yoga Hatha/Vinyasa  (RYS 200) 2017



Bexie Towle

Bexie's experience covers teaching all types of yogis. You're bound to learn something new in every class, as she'll help you find alignment and fine tune your experience in postures.  She is super skilled at meeting you where you're at in your practice, and her love for yoga is contagious. 

Off the mat, you'll probably find Bexie in town with her dog. Otherwise, she's up on the mountain working for the Karioi Maunga Project.

500 hour Yoga Alliance RYT

200 hour Ashram Yoga NZ 2011

300 hour Shades of Yoga (Bali) 2015

Play Kids Yoga Teacher 2016

Bliss Baby Prenatal Yoga Teacher 2017

Bethany Yoga 2016 031.jpg

Bethany Lyons

Bethany's classes always present a challenge, a well-rounded practice and a delicious playlist. Her classes invite you to have a play with something new and wake up some energy in your body. Bethany’s classes are perfect to bring balance to someone with an active lifestyle.

Bethany loves to get out for a run, spend time with her friends, and to try new things! She laughs a lot!


Radiant Life Yoga School (RYT 200) Nicaragua 2015

Anatomy Trains with Tom Myers 2017


Jocelyn-Rochelle Stewart

Jocelyn brings high energy into her Power Yoga classes. She keeps you motivated and even laughing through a challenging flow, whilst offering a deeper perspective. Her whimsical personality always shines through. Her yin classes are deep and yummy.

Joce is a social butterfly but she also loves to curl up with a good book. 

200 hr Power Living Australia 2013



Sheridan Gray

Sheridan teaches Hatha style yoga, building foundations and then expanding on them in each posture. Her classes are accommodating to all levels, with an emphasis on alignment. Her calm presence makes everyone feel welcome.

Sheridan loves the ocean. Is passionate about music. And is always there to listen to a friend.  

200 RYT Grassroots Yoga (Christchurch)





Zahara Leng

A fun youthful energy meets grounding and focus within Zahara's teachings. Raised in Raglan, Zahara has a background of dance and gymnastics which morphed in to a passion for yoga at a young age. Zahara teaches a dynamic style of yoga to ignite internal fires of the body.

Zahara Loves the water, fruit smoothies and her happy place is practising Yoga along side her Mother.

Zahara studied to be a Yoga teacher in Singapore with Tirisula Yoga in 2016 for 200hour Ashtanga/Hatha.