We’re so excited to have our first Space baby on it’s way! Tessa, who teaches Pilates at the Space, is now 31 weeks pregnant and has continued teaching Pilates, attending yoga classes, and developing her own self-practice on a weekly basis. (See our last blog for a photo of Tessa rocking her baby belly Pilates practice) Yoga and Pilates are great for developing strength and increasing pelvic and spinal support, which can be especially beneficial during pregnancy and birth. Also helpful is improved posture, better balance and connection with breath.

“Other than the usual nausea that burdens a lot of women in the first trimester of pregnancy, I have had a very smooth and comfortable pregnancy. I have not been burdened by back or pelvic pain, have had no issues with joint sprains or instability and had no sciatica, carpal tunnel or other neural irritation. I have continued with all of my usual exercise including running, cycling, circuit and weight training, yoga, surfing and of course Pilates. Although my running speed may have reduced a little, I have continued to feel strong in all of my exercise routines. I truly believe that my physical well-being during pregnancy can be largely attributed to the strength and stability I have gained through practising Pilates and yoga on a regular basis.”

Pilates is ideal for women who are pregnant for many reasons. Firstly it targets the deep abdominal muscles which provide support for the pelvis and spine, especially the lumbar spine which is susceptible to strain during pregnancy. Secondly, Pilates strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. This support is required to reduce pressure on the pelvic organs and joints as the baby grows and descends in the womb. Thirdly, it can help to improve posture through strengthening of the muscles involved in postural control and also correcting “poor” posture or joint alignment throughout each and every exercise. Finally Pilates encourages relaxed and adequate breath control which is not only helpful with reducing stress, anxiety and improving organ function during pregnancy but also is of huge benefit during labour.

Yoga also brings about a heap of complimentary benefits to the prenatal practitioner. Yoga promotes relaxation, emotional wellbeing and stress management to support women through pregnancy and into motherhood. It improves overall circulation and can help manage fluid retention and swelling. Back problems which are common in pregnancy can be mitigated. A more graceful pregnancy is cultivated through balance and coordination. It can also provide tools that are essential for the birthing process including strength, flexibility, agility and breathwork. Finally, prenatal classes are a great way to empower and connect with your body, your baby and other pregnant women.

If you have any questions or want to enquire about which classes are right for your prenatal practice, just contact us! thespaceraglan@gmail.com Pilates is every Tuesday at 11am and 5:30pm and Thursdays at 5:45pm. Pre and Postnatal yoga is at 11:00am on Fridays, and occasionally we run courses and workshops for pre/postnatal yoga. Prenatal practitioners are welcome to any yoga class, but please know your practice or come to a Prenatal class to learn what modifications you can take.