We are really excited about the introduction of resistance bands to our Thursday
evening Pilates classes with Tessa here at the Space. The addition of resistance to our Pilates
exercises can assist with increasing strength beyond that gained from the
traditional Pilates exercises. Not only does resistance training assist with
strengthening, toning and sculpting of the muscles but it can also facilitate core
activation. When load or resistance is added to a movement additional muscle
recruitment is required to stabilise the trunk for the limbs to generate force. The
muscles required to stabilise the trunk are the core muscles or trunk stabilisers
which include the pelvic floor, transversus abdominis, obliques, erector spinae
and even then diaphragm. This class provides an extra challenge to the Pilates
workout whilst still focusing on the fundamentals of correct posture and
alignment, joint stabilisation and breath control. The class caters to all levels
offering foundation exercises and optional progressions for those wanting an
extra challenge. By adding a resistance Pilates class into your weekly regime in
addition to your traditional mat Pilates and yoga practice you will really see a
change in your strength and core stability. Come try out a band at the Thursday night pilates class at 5:45pm with Tessa. You can even join the committed crew that then stay on for Hatha yoga at 7pm with Bexie!