The Space is offering a weekly beginners class now, but this doesn’t limit the class to beginners. A restorative ‘letting go’ approach to exercise can at times be more beneficial then 'going hard’. Every body can benefit from the balance of a gentler practice.

Gentle yoga is no longer just for beginners, pregnant women and seniors with injuries. There aremore and more people realizing that their lives could use some more balance. Our daily lives are often focused around drive. To achieve it all, we are constantly reaching, pushing and sometimes mistreating ourselves. While ambition isn’t a bad thing, it needs to be balanced with rest, time to nourish and restore our reserves of energy.

So you’re fit? Does that mean that you should go to the class that challenges your body the most? No! Gentle yoga is for EVERY body, with benefits for our joints, body systems and organs. Toxins are released, joints are lubricated and all the systems of the body are allowed to thrive so we can keep playing and living a healthy, balanced life. Try mixing it up with your existing cardio training.

Stress hormones, such as cortisol, are produced in the body to get us through our hectic, daily battles. These hormones can wreak havoc on the body, causing your body to hold on to weight, inhibiting the healing processes and more. Thus, gentle yoga helps our bodies to become more fuel-efficient, like a smart car. 

And knowing that the mind and body are linked,  a healthy body is essential to mental health. Yoga creates a mind-body link, which is essential in our disconnected society. We listen to the breath. We listen to our inner experience, letting go of all the noise around us. If you listen to your body, you can hear it when it whispers. You don’t have to wait until it screams!